The department was established in 1996 as a supporting department for the branches of engineering. Later in the year 2004­05 the Electrical and Electronics Engineering branch was introduced with an intake of 30. Further the intake is increased by 30 to 60 in year 2005­06.Presently the department is running diploma, undergraduate and post graduate (in Power Electronics and Energy Technology) courses and providing excellent facilities to carry out research work, testing and consultancy for industrial problems. The department is well equipped with full­fledged laboratories capable for the conduction of all the practicals of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Vision of department

• To provide skilled manpower to the Electrical and Electronics based industry.

• To cater the needs of industry.

• To promote research and development activities in this area.


Department will put the best efforts to promote an intellectual, ethical and technological environment to the students.

To develop the department as a center of excellence in “Power Electronics and Industrial Drives”.

Placement oriented activity

Technical workshop on recent technology by outside training agencies.

Goal for 2014­ – 2015

To conduct An In­house workshop on “Component Testing” for IV semester students.

To conduct An In­house workshop on “Microcontroller and Its Interfacing with Appliances” for VIII semester students.

To conduct An In­house workshop on “MATLAB_SIMULINK” for VI semester students.

To conduct PMA in each semester.

To organize an industrial visit for 2rd, 3rd and final year students.

Training to our students

To reinforce practical skills in our students, department frequently conduct industrial visits to industries like Heavy Electricals, Generations, Transmissions, and Distributions and in different process plant.

Workshop & Industry Interaction

To indoctrinate practical skills, Department organizes various Workshops/Expert Lectures on the relevant field in alliance with industry or sometimes Institute itself. These workshops/Expert Lectures are also an important part of our research and development activities.