Title Name of student Year
A Review on Phenothiazine Derivative as Antimicrobial Agent Arati Rathour 2009
A Review on Fluidized Bed System Chaitnaya Bhatt 2009
A Review on Obesity Shubham Bhaeti 2009
Anti-Ulcer Drug with Special Reference to Proton Pump Inhibitor: A Review Mahesh patidar 2009
A Review on QSAR Vatsal nahar 2009
Antimicrobial Activity off Ethanolic Extract of Mamordica dioica Roxb Root by Microwave Assisted Extraction Prateek Bhatt 2009
Comparative Study of marketed tablet of ciprofloxacin tablet Anubha Rajawat 2009
Formulation Devolepment and Evaluation of Ketoprofen Gel Sanjay Ratnawat 2009
Comparative Antimicrobial Activity of marketed oil and Extracted oil of Leaves of eucalyptus globules labill. Deepak Kasera 2010
A Comparative Study of different Indian Herbs Used for Antimicrobial Activity Vijaya Mathaniya 2010
A Review on Antibiotic Drug Sandeep soni 2010
Synthesis, Characterziation and Biological Evaluation of some Novel Azole Derivatives of Hippuric acid Ritesh Sharma 2010
Antimicrobial activity of Agaricus bisporus Pradeep shrivastava 2010
Synthesis & Pharmacological Study of 4-Amino Phenol Derivatives Mahendra singh parihar 2010
A Review on Azole Derivatives As antimicrobial Agent Sarika Sharma 2010
A Review on Non Steroidal anti Inflammatory Drugs Laxmi Narayan 2010
General And Local Anesthetic: A review Shahid Ahmed 2010
A Review on Gene Tharapy of Cancer Anurag Trivedi 2010
A Review on AIDS Jayesh Tailor 2010
A Review on cardiovascular Diseases Parashram Gurjar 2010
Floating Microsphere of Antihypertensice Vikas Gehlot 2010
A review on drug Acting On Respiratory System Gaurav Jain 2011
Fruit Extract of Punica granatum Used as a Natural Indicator in Acidimetric Titration. Puroshattam Dhakad 2011
A Review on Sedative And Hypnotics Vishnu Patidar 2011
Anthelmentic Activity on M. Charantia Akhilesh Rawal 2011
Anthelmentic Activity on Colius aromaticus Alok Sharma 2011