Brief of the department

The Pharmaceutical chemistry department is committed to excellence in Pharmaceutical Chemistry through providing a nurturing and conducive environment for teaching and learning in basic and medicinal chemistry. It will achieve this through continuous modernization of its programs to be internationally competent and to satisfy the need of skilled manpower. It will ensure an environment for teamwork and successful organizational practices. The Department is well equipped with modern analytic facilities like U.V, HPLC and FT-IR.


  • To provide an environment that facilitates the teaching – learning process.
  • To achieve excellence in education in the Sciences and Studies with need based curriculum.
  • To inculcate moral and social responsibility through value education.
  • To equip students with marketable skills through add on courses in order to enable them to function in a competitive professional sphere.
  • Department plans to establish a computer aided drug design laboratory, Analytic Method development on new drugs
  • To establish a drug/ chemical analysis lab.

Research & teaching

At undergraduate level, it comprising of Physical Inorganic, Organic, Chemistry, Medicinal and analytical chemistry including laboratory classes related to all these subjects.